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    Sleep Well to Live Well!


    Are you, or a loved one, struggling to breathe when sleeping?

     Even if you don’t think you have a problem, check yourself:

    - Do you SNORE?

    - Are you TIRED during the day?

    - Has anyone seen you CHOKING or GASPING when you sleep?

    - Have you been told you have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE?

    - Do you have ACID REFLUX?

    - Do you have DIABETES?

    If you answered YES to more than one of the questions give us a call to inquire about our in-office screening and HOME sleep test.

    Sleep Study

     We provide each of our patients the opportunity to be sleep tested in the comfort of their home.  The study is read by one of our Board Certified Sleep Physicians.

    You will receive a diagnosis and recommended treatment options.

    Our patient compliance program has a high success rate due to our highly trained team who educates, motivates and monitors each patient to achieve treatment goals.

    We offer custom treatment plans to ensure each patient’s treatment meets their specific needs.

    Treatment Options

    - Oral Appliance Therapy

    - Pneumodontics

    - CPAP

    - Surgery

    We guide you to the appropriate treatment recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that fits into your life style.